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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Trivia Time!!
Question 1:
Which of the following animals will DIE if it stops moving around and stay still?

A: Shark
B: Earthworm
C: Jellyfish
D: Honey bee

Comments on Answer: Not bad.. how come for those who submitted their answers they all guessed shark?

Model Answer: Like other fishes, sharks extract oxygen from seawater as it passes over their gills. Some sharks have a modified slit called a spiracle located just behind the eye, which is used in respiration. Due to their size and the nature of their metabolism, many sharks have a higher demand for oxygen than bony fishes and cannot rely on ambient water currents to provide an adequate supply of oxygenated water. If these sharks were to stop swimming, the water circulation would drop below the level necessary for respiration and the animal would suffocate. The process of ensuring an adequate flow of the gills by forward movement is known as ram ventilation.

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Question 2:
Watch the following two videos before answering this question.

Why would the hippopotamus egest (aka, shit/poo, verb) in such a manner?

Model Answer: To mark territory, hippos spin their tails while defecating to distribute their excrement over the greatest possible area

Comments on Answers: I told you guys, it's not a difficult answer. Think straightforward. =)

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Question 3:

At 12 midnight, the North Star is located at the north of the sky. Where on the sky would the North Star be located 14 hours later, at 2 P.M.?

A: North
B: South
C: East
D: West

Comments on Answers: Not bad. All of you didn't fall into the trap. Some contestants from the China-Taiwan Inter-University Quiz Show answered this question wrongly on international TV.


Question 4:

How many junior colleges are there in Singapore?

A: 15
B: 16
C: 17
D: 18

Comments on Answers: Just count!!! Anderson JC (AJC) • Anglo-Chinese JC (ACJC)• Catholic JC (CJC) • Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) • Innova JC (IJC) • Jurong JC (JJC) • Meridian JC (MJC) • Nanyang JC (NYJC) • National JC (NJC) • Pioneer JC (PJC) • Raffles JC (RJC) • St. Andrew's JC (SAJC) • Serangoon JC (SRJC) • Tampines JC (TPJC) • Temasek JC (TJC) • Victoria JC (VJC) • Yishun JC (YJC)


Question 5:

In your fifth question, identify the creature from the following that has 5 hearts.

A: Starfish
B: Octopus
C: Lizard
D: Earthworm


Question 6:

Which part of your digestive system is responsible for the formation of flatus (commonly known as 'fart')?

A: Small intestine (except duodenum)
B: Whole of large intestine
C: Stomach only
D: Duodenum only

Model Answer: Anything that causes food to be incompletely digested in the small intestine may cause flatulence when the material arrives in the large intestine due to fermentation, particularly if yeast organisms are present.

Flatulence producing foods are typically high in polysaccharides (especially oligosaccharides such as inulin) and include beans, lentils, milk, onions, radishes, sweet potatoes, cheese, cashews, broccoli, cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, oats, yeast in breads, etc. In beans, endogenous gases seem to arise from oligosaccharides, carbohydrates that are resistant to digestion. These pass through the upper intestine largely unchanged, and when they reach the lower intestine, bacteria feed on them, producing copious amounts of flatus.

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Question 7:

Which gas is the primary component of flatus (or, fart)?

Model Answer: Nitrogen

Comments on Answers: No! Methane is NOT the primary component!!! Your fart is basically air. And as you have already know, nitrogen makes up more than 70% of air...

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
NUS Open House

I think we can make this an opportunity for a class outing.

On 11th March, Sunday, we can all go for NUS Open House. (Click picture above for details of the Open House)

After that, we can all go and watch Huang Cheng. =)
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Happy Valentine's day!!!

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I thought it would be nice to post all these cute cartoons here! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy friendship day to all of you!!! ^-^
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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Chemistry SPA skill A
This is the seating arrangement for the SPA skill A tomorrow.

Happy mugging and.. good luck! =D
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Thursday, February 01, 2007
STJ at Seoul Gardens TML!
hey people!!

just some reminders regarding the STJ dinner tomorrow. exciting!

other than the 5 people who are not going to join us for dinner, everyone else please remember to bring $25.40 tomorrow. the other 5 people will bring $12.70. please try to show some consideration and pay as exact as possible. nobody is going to be there to provide you change if you are going to pay with a $50-notes. that is unless, you really feel kind and offer to pay on behalf of the class. :)

it's at Marina Square, Seoul Gardens. it's on the 3rd level but i'm not too sure exactly where. however, i'm sure you guys will have no problems finding the place, just check out the directory when you reach marina square.
if you have no cca tomorrow, join our darling elicia on her way to the place first. you all can choose to go straight there after school or wait till later before you make your way there. but DO BE THERE BEFORE 4! :)
if you have cca and will be joining the class later, you can just make your way there asap on your own. the class wldnt leave before you guys reach. :)

you can bring extra home clothes if you like to. but that's entirely up to you.

lol. last thing to note, dont eat too much for lunch that day K? whahahaha. save some space in your stomach for the endless supply of food at seoul gardens! :)
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