Sex And The 06S6City
Friday, November 30, 2007
As you requested, Min. xD

When Attica first opened up, word spread faster than a speeding bullet about its crowd. Infamous for housing a clientele of the gorgeous and the glam, many were intrigued by this hip joint set along the now-in Clarke Quay. Some said that it brought the party to the river quay. While others said, it brought back the lost art of elitist clubbing. Whatever you want to say, on your lucky night, Attica is a good place to people-watch and perhaps, people-grab.

The interior of Attica is reminiscent of a bedroom. With its golden curtains, couches and chrome lighting, it’s hard not to associate the place with basically anything sexual. ( And you probably will not be too far from the truth.) It sets your inhibitions down, bringing you a whole different mindset of being jolly, friendly and just too receptive to others. No intimidating stone structures, no moody aura. Just a straight up provocative invitation. Further down, you will be exposed to the Courtyard. Set in a very Balinese style, complete with atap huts and a fountain, it’s where you want to enjoy your drinks while you rush off from the mad crowd. The open-air concept though means that you are subjected to the humidity. Well, if you’re not already hot, might as well define it in another way. Going through a velvet- decorated staircase, which by the way is really dark and has really steep steps, you will be introduced to Attica Too. In comparison, the place has a futuristic vibe to it. Almost trendy, it carries off the same interior designs of couches and mirrors. However, they have a big dance floor. Much bigger than their ground floored compatriots.

Music there is pretty solid too. Though the Djs are not as known as some of the Djs here, Titus of Attica, who spins on Wednesdays and Saturdays, injects back the old-skool hip hop feel into a pop-infused culture. Spinning tracks that date back to the early 80s, this is a much-needed salvation who are sick of hearing them rappers talking about their female counterparts in the most derogatory manner. We are not saying guns and drugs are better. But it feels odd to hear a 16 year old singing about his mojo and how all the ladies want him. On top of that, quite literally too, Attica Too provides house and progressive music for those who are more into the bass than the beats. Playing off against a kaleidoscope of colours, the feel there is more hard-core clubbing as opposed to Attica.

As mentioned, the crowd there can be quite the head-turner. Now, this is the part where we inject the disclaimer. We are not saying that everyone there will be beautiful. Naturally, that only happens when you’re either too lucky or have no sense of standards. But the odds of you bumping into the girl whose face is plastered at the back of your everyday SBS bus, is pretty high there. Models flock the place by the dozens. The socially-conscious media shakers rub shoulders there. The big wigs show their faces once in a while there too. When you’re either genetically blessed, socially up the ladder and/or rolling in the riches, you will give a damn about how you look. Of course, you get the normal crowd you get everywhere. As we mentioned, this is not utopia. But safe to say, if you’re out to look for your next date, you will not be disappointed. Look being the operative word here. Whether you score is entirely up to your charms.

However, it is also notorious for being the fishing pond of a certain group of local girls who are really skin-biased in their male companionships. A lot of expats make their way here so, you can put two and two together. On top of that, seeing a 45-year old British banker boogie to Snoop Dogg with a local girl half his age, can get a bit too funky for the eyes at times. Brace yourself for this fact as you are bound to see it sooner or later.

Drinks here however, are nothing great. They will not be a connoisseur’s dreams. But they’re good enough for the local clubbing industry. If you’re looking to get high, then maybe you might consider investing a bit more money. Or just order something really potent like the Long Island Tea. A sure-fire way to get you onto a whole different altitude. And you know what they say? After a few drinks, everyone looks good. ( If you’re beginning to doubt our judgement on good looks now, rest assured that we were not drinking on the job. Not that much anyways.)

In all fairness, with a name taken after a Greek Goddess, Attica can provide you with the fun you are looking for. There’s something arrestingly charismatic about this new joint that has yet to lose its lustre, and crowd at times. When you hit a club, chances are you want to let loose and not care. And nobody provides an equation quite as accurate as Attica. Sensual or just sexed up, Attica is a good alibi for letting go all the beliefs you had for a good chunk of your life.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Post Prom @ Attica
Hwa Chong has got a Post Prom Party!!! (finally!!) Haha..

Details are as follows:

Venue: Attica (at Clarke Quay)
Time: After Prom
Price: $14 per person, or $11 per person if 10 tickets are ordered.

Contact me or Allison Phua (06A15) to confirm your orders!!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Hey everyone, my friend recommended this super duper funny / talented video! Must watch!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
class chalet
Now let us interrupt this drama serial with a news update!

Class chalet is coming! It's from the 6-8 Dec, in case you forgot about it along with your A level stuff. Haha so it's time we start planning for it. Basically there's bbq food and activities to worry about.

1) BBQ food
Just for your info, we have around $110 for food. We should be buying the usual stuff: chicken wings, sausage, potatoes, otah, meat, marshmallows etc. I cant think of anything else. Please give suggestions!

Ben will settle the buying of bbq food, so the class will need to help marinate it! If i'm not wrong last year someone brought marinade from home. Haha so if that nice soul, whoever you are, can bring it again then it'll be great! If anyone else can bring more marinade it'll be good too.

And I remember yanyin saying she loves to massage chicken, so yanyin shall be put in charge of marinating the food! (I just realised i've nv heard yanyin utter a word on this blog :P)

2) Activities
We are thinking of having the BBQ on the first night and having night cycling on the second night. So we're left with the afternoon activities to think about.

Jiawei will be in charge of planning the night cycling route. So the rest of the class can think of what we can do in the afternoons and night if you cant go for night cycling. (eg, wild wild wet, play at the beach etc) :)

Umm thats about all. I'll keep you pple updated about where to meet and stuff like that. Oh yes, ms chua has kindly offered to sponsor our BBQ food! So MAYBE we can save some money there. Yup. Hope the class can participate actively in this by contributing and giving your suggestions!

And now back to the love triangle drama serial...haha.
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Love Triangle
Note: The story below is 99.999999% ficticious and the writer shall hold no responsibility about the photographs and the story lines posted.

Hengie: Eh... Come... I wanna introduce you some good stuff.
Juannie: UH?! REALLY?!
Hengie: Alright, come closer...

Hengie: *whisper* you know there's this hot girl in 06S6C?
Juannie: WHO WHO?!?!?!
Hengie: Her name ... her name ..... is ..... Lynnie!

A rendezvous at some secluded place in the school.

Juannie: Moooooo.... I feeeeeel soooooooooo HAPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY.

Liaodihah: OMG, Juannie, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?! *Sob
Tears rolled down the crinkled corners of Liaodihah's eyes.
To be Continued ...

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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Post 'A'-Levels activities
Dear all,

Finally I have internet conenction at home.. and the weird thing is, I've typed a similar entry about post A levels activities in school but somehow the entry didnt get published.

Anyways, we ought to plan for our celebration for our liberation from the evil claws of examination.

16th November (After Chemistry Paper 1):

Proposed Activity: Class dinner
Venue: Curry Wok/ Adam Food Centre/ Mcdonald's at KAP/ Ding Tai Fung/ Seoul Garden/ Zhen Fa Steamboat at Marina South/ restaurants @ Plaza Singapura....

20th November (After Physics Paper 1):

Proposed Activity: K-BOX, Movies (Stardust, Bee Movie, The Game Plan, Lust Caution [R-21 Version]) No SAW IV please... this movie is BANNED!

The list is not exhaustive. Feel free to suggest on the tagboard.

And people, just remember to keep these days available for one of the last get-to-know-each-other-further-and-better sessions.
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