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Sunday, June 29, 2008
class gathering + farewell party for those going overseas
hi guys!

its been a long time since most of us last met so marcus, yuekai and i were thinking of having a class gathering cum farewell party for lanfang and yanyin since both of them will be flying to the faraway lands of china and canada soon! it will most probably be on sat since the guys will be more free then and sometime in july or august.

the dates that we may be having the gathering are as follows:
12, 19, 26 jul
2, 9, 16, 23, 30aug

guys and girls, please tell us which of the above days you are free and the times (state if ur free the entire day as well). it will be a potluck, so anyone ok with volunteering their house? your hospitality will be much appreciated! :D please check your emails for more information!

feel free to give your suggestions for the party as well! (:

with love,
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Friday, June 20, 2008
NS Postings
In case the girls are truly concern with the lives of all the NSFs in the class:

Chin Kiat: Officer Cadet School (OCS), posted to Signals
Jia Wei: OCS, posted to Logistics
Jun Quan: OCS, currently a cadet
Shawn: OCS, currently a cadet
Marcus: Admin Support Assistant
Yu Tse: School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC), proceeded to Advance Section Leader Course (ASLC)
Lu Yang: SISPEC, proceeded to ASLC
Lian Joo: SISPEC
Yan Min: Signals
Terence Heng: Air Defence Weapon Operator
Terence Phay: SAF Band
Benjamin: Aerial Cargo Rigger (whatever that is..)
Yun Zhou: Combat Medic
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Sunday, June 08, 2008
Where Will We Go?
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Kia Hui: Mass Comm, on Singapre Press Holdings (SPH) Scholarship
Jing Ting: Mass Comm
Shi Yan: Mass Comm
Fan Di: Mass Comm
Terence Heng: Mass Comm
Xin Yi: Business and Accountancy Double Degree
Lu Yang: Business and Accountancy Double Degree
Audrey: Business and Accountancy Double Degree
Yan Min: Material Science and Engineering
Terence Phay: Mathematics and Economics Combined Degree

National University of Singapore (NUS)
Jia Wei: Chemical Engineering, on Public Service Commission Local Merit Scholarship (Home Affairs Uniformed Service) Editor's Note: That's a pretty long one...
Yu Tse: Chemical Engineering
Xin Wei: Psychology, on MOE Teaching Scholarship
Elicia: Accountancy
Lynette: Architecture
Yue Kai: Business
Jun Quan: Business
Simin: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Lan Fang: Chinese Language and Literature in PRC, on MOE Education Merit Scholarship
Chin Kiat: Chinese Language and Literature in PRC, on MOE Teaching Scholarship
Marcus: Japanese Language and Literature in Japan, on MOE Teaching Scholarship (Overseas)
Yan Yin: Canada, on Father-Mother Scholarship =D

To Be Confirmed
Lian Joo
Peng Le

Dear class, if there is any error to the above list, or if I had left you out, or if you know something which I don't, do log in to the class blog to edit this entry or simply leave a tag on the tagboard with the errata. It's all for the sake of keeping in touch with each other. =)
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