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Friday, June 26, 2009
Don't Forget The Lyrics!
Terence created a Don't Forget The Lyrics quiz on Facebook! It's all on Chinese songs!

I am proud to say within 11 days of its creation, more than 5700 people have taken the quiz!

Go try now!

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Lan Fang is back!

Lan Fang is back! Woo hoo! Hahaha...

So we ought to meet up! But, most of the class guys are super super not free for this period of time.

So I guess we'll have an official meeting/gathering/party after National Day when most of us are done with NDP'09?
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Hey sexy peeps!!!

just got wind from miss chua that MAF 09 will be on 19 sept!!! please make urself free on that day and gear up for the greatest CHEENA bonanza of the year!!! lets gorge ourselves silly with lots of fun! come come all must come!!!

cya there!!!

meanwhile, what other gatherings are coming up? terence heng organising bbq? haha and i think most of us are going to have a lot of off-in-lieus on mondays, due to ndp. so who wants to go out late late on sunday!!!

contact contact around!
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